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we can provide for our needs and create a future for all.

The 99% want housing, health care, education, and environmental protection. The 1% give us war, prisons and discrimination. They control the wealth that we have worked to produce. Let's decide democratically what we need and make the rich and their corporations pay.

Marsha Feinland for U.S. Senate

I taught in our public schools for twenty-five years. Neither parents, students nor teachers want the constant testing which has taken the place of real education. The Business Roundtable promotes strict standards and school district takeovers to avoid providing funding or dealing with racial and economic inequality.

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I served as a Rent Board Commissioner in Berkeley and worked to pass the Just Cause for Eviction ordinance in Oakland. Housing is a necessity which we must provide for all. We must protect people who live in foreclosed properties instead of bailing out the banks.


We need to place strict limits on all pollution now, to safeguard health and prevent climate disaster. The Senate Democrats promote a "cap and trade policy" which lets corporations buy and sell the right to pollute. Our right to breathe and the future of our planet require real regulation.


We have enough wealth to provide quality housing, health care and education to everyone in California. Most of us care about each other and want to protect our environment. But we are governed by people who want tax breaks and maximum profits for big business.

We need Socialism

I support Oakland teachers who are demanding that the Port of Oakland and Wells Fargo Bank help pay for the schools and Richmond residents who want Chevron to stop polluting and pay more taxes. I support efforts to put an oil severance tax and the "millionaire's tax" on the ballot in California.

But even if we succeed in getting the wealthy and their corporations to pay more for our human needs, it will only help us in the short term. We need to organize and educate ourselves, fellow workers, friends and neighbors into a force that fights against capitalist domination and for a socialist society.

The Peace and Freedom Party wants to mobilize working class people to gain social ownership and democratic management of industry, natural resources, and financial institutions. Together we can provide for our needs and create a future for all.

On June 5, Vote for Marsha Feinland for U.S. Senate

Diane Feinstein, the incumbent, represents the agribusinesses, real estate interests, banks, insurance companies, and rich people that run our lives and foreclose on our future.

Unite around a candidate who represents you.

Senator Feinland would fight to

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